Commercial Painting Services

Madison Painting Services is committed to providing innovative solutions to the commercial painting sector above based on Quality, Rigid inspection programs, Integrity, Safety and Reliability.

We believe successful projects are based on a cooperative and honest working relationship between our clients and our painting staff and as such we strive to be an active participant with all our customers’ needs.

We prefer 1 year Painting Contracts (unless specifically required) so we can meet with you each year to revise your Painting needs.  

Through the provision of a strong Management Team and our continuous monitoring throughout the painting project with a Building by Building/phase by phase sign off process so you know what has been painted and when at all times. Better still you have certified that you are satisfied with the results.

When Painting any project we also apply two coast of premium Dulux Paint on all projects can extend the life of your building surfaces and reduce your maintenance costs , saving you money in the long term.

Madison Painting Services is a full service professional painting contractor dedicated to extending the life of your buildings and facilities and equipments by applying protective commercial grade paints and coatings which protects your facility from premature surface deterioration.

Our staff and onsite supervisors work seamlessly with our professional highly trained Commercial painters, so the client can expect the following:

  • All Commercial painting projects are completed on time and on budget
  • Work place is kept clean and maintained safe throughout the painting process.
  • Our Painters will protect surfaces not receiving paint.
  • Preparation of surfaces resulting in a sound surface ready to receive paint.
  • Quality commercial paints and coatings are then applied.

If you’re looking to update your building’s exterior or interior surfaces and appearance, contact us on the numbers below

Willie Kapa (GM) Painting Division 0414 311 640
Rob Whiteley (Managing Director) 0419 674 637
Ralph Bottrill (Operations Manager) 0402 138 903

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